Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pies in your face

While maneuvering around the Cayman Immigration website I stumbled upon these little gem of a couple of pies. Often I am asked what the make up of the expat population is here in Cayman and lo and behold, I can now provide you with visuals. I customised the pie charts a little and while they are from March 2008, it is going to be so very interesting to see what the March 2009 updated version is going to look like. I will hold off on further commenting for now until they're up, but I for one am going to be waiting...and watching.


Hubby said...

Should we move to little brac? There is an Indian concentration there. LOL.

MarkD60 said...

That is very interesting indeed!
I have never perused the immigration website.

Mad Bull said...

Whats so interesting? How many Jamaicans there are? Or that the phillipinos are the next highest number? What? Tell me!


Hubby, you are funny!

Mark, I came across while looking for info for work purposes.

Mad Bull, You shall find out ALL IN GOOD TIME!