Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chicken eating chicken

When it comes to chickens, Cayman is very much like Bermuda, in the sense that dem chickens run around free like no body's business. I'm used to it by now, but I can't ever get used to the American tourists when they voice their delight in their southern twang: OH look y'all, they've got chickens running around free.

When it comes to KFC, Bermuda's got nothing on Cayman. The KFC in Bermuda is NOT KFC grade chicken. Not that I know WHAT type of chicken KFC uses - I have heard horror stories. Bermuda's KFC is probably the only fast food franchise that was allowed to stay on island (McDonald's was kicked out a long time ago). Unfortunately, Bermuda's KFC chicken had a different non KFC batter altogether, and don't get me started on their fries. They use McCain's fries!!! The Canadians will know what I'm talking about here. And not that McCain's fries are bad...they're frozen fries that you cook up and are actually quite good, but here's my thing: If I'm going to go into KFC I'd want to eat authentic KFC fries, and not some substitute, even if that substitute is Canadian.

Cayman here, has the authentic KFC, which in a way can be bad, because after years of staying away from fast food, we're finding it all too hard not to resist the urge of the drive thru. And getting back to the free running chickens, we often spot them running around the KFC joint in town. Ok, so they can't read but man all I can think of saying to those chickens is RUNNNNNNNN!

So what brought on this clucking of a post? I was exiting Foster's today and in the parking lot was a young chicken, OBLIVIOUS to the reversing cars that was within inches of making it a pureed mess, all because this chicken was pecking away at a thrown away chicken bone. And I was all like: Dude, that's just wrong. It's like Mad Cow, but only Mad Chicken disease. Ok, so at least this chicken was eating its 'cooked' counterpart, but that's still wrong!!! Everyone knows chickens don't need protein, they need grains.


MarkD60 said...

Did you know that MacDonalds here is actually older than McDonalds in the US? And (I heard) that's why there's no Golden Arches here?

I got Deja-ju reading your post. Someone else was talking about seeing a chicken eating discarded chicken a few days ago. I wonder if I know you, but don't know it's you!??!

At least you don't have babies eating babies like I got in my neighborhood!


LOL Mark. I can guarantee you have not met me yet. I know what you look like and if I were to run into you, I'd be like HEY MARK, WHASSUP!

bermudabluez said...

The image that I have in my head after reading this post!!! You are hilarious!!!

mad bull said...

Yeah, that chicken eating chicken business can be disturbing...