Monday, January 12, 2009


The Cayman Islands Postal Service is urging residents to give out and use the right postal code for the right PO Boxes that they have been assigned. Unlike Bermuda, mail here is NOT delivered to one's house, rather to PO Boxes. And since there are quite a few different locations with possible the same numbered PO Boxes, using the right postal code is key. Using the incorrect code will only delay one's mail as it will make the rounds to each location before the rightful owner gets it. And since it's apparently it's illegal for the CIPS to throw away any mail, and that it HAS to be delivered to a PO Box, you're guaranteed to get it in your box, even if it's not yours.

But here's the kicker: The reason for the above notice was due to the fact that residents were actually making up their own codes.

Seriously? Do people NOT want to get their mail. Own postal codes indeed. How does one even make up their own postal code? I want to know!

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bermudabluez said... DOES one make up their own postal code?? That's just weird!