Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don't Walk, RUN

OK, I get that you have to cross at the Bypass, because at times that's the only choice. I'm OK with that. But do you think that instead of leisurely walking as if it were pedestrian crosswalk, you could perhaps run? That way I don't have to slow down, which could be the recipe for an accident waiting to happen, for those fast approaching cars behind me. And may I remind you that you are in no way invincible or indestructible. All you are, Pedestrian, is flesh, bones and a whole lot of blood. I mean, I will at all costs try to avoid hitting you, but could you maybe pick up the pace when you see me approaching, and not just be so blase about the whole thing. The last thing I need it to have your guts splattered on my car, especially with Christmas approaching. I am sure your family would like to have you around and alive for Christmas; while mine would like for me to not be in jail during Christmas.

For those of you just tuning in, did I mention that a BYPASS is Cayman's version of a highway?


owen said...

what is the bypass by passing?

bermudabluez said...

I get your point! And I totally agree with you!!

indicaspecies said...

That's so funny.:D

ms cute pants said...

Owen: There is none!

BB: Nice to see you here again. You've been a busy little bee.

IndicaSpecies: Yes, I reckon it might be...not so much at the time, however!