Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Counting cars

Of course Cayman is more open and tolerant of foreigners/expats than Bermuda is. If one were to take out Cayman's expat population you'd only be left with 30,000+ local people on this island. 30,000? That's a small number. If one were to take out Bermuda's expat population (8,000 out of 66,000), that would barely make a dent. Yet it's the expats in Bermuda that get blamed for the recent rise in the number of cars on the road (never mind that I've heard of some local landlords keeping the assessment numbers of their rental properties for themselves, so they can have up to FIVE cars. True story!). Which makes me think, if that were the case and given that each household restricted to just one car, just how many cars do expats really have, especially when they're getting blamed for the rise? Sounds like an ugly math problem, doesn't it?

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bichonpawz said...

I also suspect that people will always find a way around the law...or the restriction!