Friday, May 16, 2008

This one's for you, Mom

My mother's birthday falls in and around Mother's Day. This year it fell ON Mother's day. Being away makes it harder because I'm not able to celebrate it with the usual fan fare. Most expats arrange to have their mom's receive flowers and timely prearranged gifts. It makes up for their absence, slightly, if any. For the past three years, I've had to leave that upto my brother and ensure, with reminders, that it's her big day. What is it with men and forgetting birthdays? Ok, not all men but most men. Anyway, we try to make up for the fact that she's got to share her birthday with the other all important day. But mom's not so much of a stickler for things such as these. In her own words 'I'd rather forget my birthday'.

I decided to post this picture up and share it with you (and I'm bold enough to, since you won't recognize me from it). It's one of my favourites - me showing my bro some sisterly love, while my mom looks on. I've purposely cut him out of the picture, only because he insanely private and will probably disown me, should I post his picture up here, not to mention carrying out his threats of posting any and all unflattering pics of me for all to see. The fact that I'm even talking about him is ammunition enough. So, here's my brother, Newt; me, MsCutePants & our mom - from the good old days. This is also one of my mom's favourite picture. She's forever lamenting on how she wishes we had stayed this way forever. I'm sure every mother feels the same about their children.

And I just realized it but, my previous post was my 300th. So Happy 300th to me! Never mind that I failed to mark my 100th and 200th post.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! and I'm sure mom understands. Do the phone thing. When in doubt, call Moms, we love it, if only to tell you how to cook some particular thing.

ZenDenizen said...

What a touching post, thanks for sharing a photo of yourself.

Congrats on your milestone!

A. Rosy said...

Were you annoyed some reason with your brother then?
Were you trying to bite him. kiss him or sharing a secret?
Good one.
Happy Birthday.

Renwick said...

belated wishes 2 ur mom... n yes, happy 300th post 2 u too...

d photo's funny... d funny part is u snapping off ur bro's pic & to top it admitting of having done it on purpose... typical kinda sis must say.. :)

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Thank you, Anon. Yes I do the phone thing as well, or I don't feel like it's a proper wish.

Zen: Thanks for the comment!

A.Rosy: No not annoyed, nor was I trying to bite him. Although his cheeks were so chubby, it was hard to resist not to.

Reeeeeenwick: Thanks for the wishes budd! yeah I HAVE to crop that pic, or you'd be seeing not so good pics of me all over the place - and that is something I want to avoid.