Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fake accidents

In an effort to educate its residents on the perils of careless and dangerous driving, the Road Council staged various 'Fake Accidents' in and around Bermuda's roads, complete with signs as to the cause of the accident.


Is there no one else that finds something wrong with this scenario, this 'guerrilla marketing' as they're calling it. This has got to be a first, right? Outsiders reading the article must think that Bermuda must be grasping at straws to educate the public on safe driving. Staging fake accidents indeed!

First of all, doesn't this bring on a whole slew of problems. Like, the chaos it creates during rush hour. That stop and go traffic. Because we all know how everyone loves to slow down and inspect the scene as they drive by. Apparently the staged accidents were made to look very real, that many stopped to offer assistance. And some were peeved to find out they were fake, in an effort to educate the public, but fake, nevertheless.

So, here's my thing: what if this 'Fake Accident' ended up causing a real accident? Some distracted not to mention frustrated motorist rear ending another while he or she's been caught in traffic that has been at a near crawl. Remember people, Bermuda has one lane roads. There's no way to bypass anything.

My first few thoughts as I drive by this 'Fake Accident' not knowing it's fake: Hey, since when have they started putting up signs to inform everyone of the cause of the accident? Is this the way it's going to be going forward? We really don't need to turn on the nightly news anymore, do we? Damn that's the coppers being more than efficient.

Fake Accidents, indeed!

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Dylan said...

Interesting concept. I might even have approved if it wasn't as disruptive as it obviously is. I'd give them a few points for thinking out of the box but take them back for thoughtlessness.