Thursday, March 06, 2008

Smokin' a doobie

I once read that in & around 1962 there were only six drug dealers in Bermuda, and Social Services knew and were in touch with all six of them. Well, you're not going to find that level of closeness today and especially not with the number of dealers in Bermuda, of which I have no idea about. I just know there's more than six today.

We've always been told to guard our belongings especially laptops, since they're prized articles in a robbery in the way of garnering some drug money. The government is vigilant about drugs making its way onto the island. How vigilant?

Well, we once heard this story: A certain expat/visitor had with him his golf clubs as he made his entry into Bermuda. The police dog (an Alsatian/ German Shepperd) they had on duty sniffed the clubs, giving Customs officers cause to investigate further. So what did they do? They snipped off the drivers of his clubs. All of them. You would think they'd have stopped at the first one, but just to be sure they cut them all off. No drugs of any kind were found and they waved him away. What about my golf clubs, asked the golfer. How am I supposed to play golf now? Not our concern, was what the wave meant. So, that's how vigilant they can be. And that only gives rise to the black market, which make no mistake, does exist here (or so I've heard).

I also have another hilarious story about a recent robbery which I so want to share with you but can't yet. I will share however, once we've left the island for good. And I almost didn't publish this post, but then I received this in my inbox and thought it very coincidental. One should never ignore coincidences, especially since in life, there are no coincidences.


bermudabluez said...

Glad to see that you are still around...many people have slacked off on blogging lately! Interesting subject...I was under the impression that BDA didn't have as much crime as some of the other islands. For example, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and even St. John. What do you think?

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Ahh thanks BB! I think it's that time of year. Taxes are due, people are working like crazy...Not everyone's getting a chance to log on and blog...To answer your question, Bermuda does have its share of crime but not as much as the other islands.

Anonymous said...

i was at a party recently and most of us were hanging out around the dining room table. I went to get a beer from the fidge and, sure enough, the doob was being made--one to be precise.
i don't partake so I watched the others. It was was so small that when they passed it around, it took 1-1/2 trips. I didnt notice anyone high. in fact, they may have been more sober after spending that time waitin in the cool Bermuda air. My suggestion would be to outlaw tobacco. It ALWAYS pairs with drinking and doesnt have the sweet and pungeant smell of pot. And based on usage and costs, cigs are way more expensive.
But I suppose that's the problem, tobacco makes money AND kills people: it's a win win for the government.