Monday, February 11, 2008

Have you lost a floodlight?

I came across this in The Royal Gazette today:

Have you lost a floodlight?
Police are searching for the owners of a 1,500 watt floodlight which was seized during a raid in Smith's last month.
Officers have made inquiries with the Island's sports clubs but have so far been unable to find the rightful owner of the large silver light, which is attached to a box marked 'Hubbell'.
Anyone with information about the item should contact the St. George's criminal investigation unit at Southside Police Station on 278-5105 or 293-2222.

1,500 Watts? I mean really, aren't we under an environmental crisis of some kind? Something about employing energy efficient means to utilise current non renewable resources wisely? Something about burning less fuel? Something about Global Warming? And really, why would anyone want to steal a 1,500 watt floodlight, anyway? Why take on the blame for being so wasteful? There's a reason why it' hasn't been claimed yet. They know they are going to be marked as solely responsible for reaching the levels of CO2 for Bermuda. 1,500 watts! Honestly, some one's not got their head screwed on right!


fortyfiveminutes said...

I don't mean to pooh-pooh your global warming concerns, but I do think you would need that kind of power to light up a sports ground. It's not called a 'floodlight' for nothing. Surely it's not one someone used as a porchlight.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Pooh-pooh away! Actually, none of the sports clubs have laid claimed to the floodlight, inspite of the Police asking around, so I'm thinking it's a residence that owns it and doesn't want to come forward. I'm sure it's not legal for them to own such a thing.

I am opposed to floodlights everywhere, not just in Bermuda. I cringe everytime I'm at a baseball game or any of those big venues.