Sunday, February 24, 2008

Free for all?

Bermuda makes about $12 million USD annually from public transportation (including ferry rides). A fair chunk of this change comes from the many tourists that visit the island. Bermuda has long since stopped car rental service here on the island, so it's either taxis or public transportation for the tourists. In an effort to curb traffic and to encourage residents to go the public transportation route, a proposal had been made last year to offer this service for free.

What was interesting however is the way that the proposal was re announced last week. It was stated that this free service of public transportation would be made available to all Bermudians (senior citizens already travel free of charge - take a page Toronto!). Bermuda is fast becoming an even more expensive island to live in and with many Bermudians having to work two to three jobs just to make ends meet,
I thought well, it would only make sense that this service be offered exclusively to Bermudians. The island has to take care of its own. Besides most expats can bloody well afford to pay the bus/ferry fare, given that a monthly unlimited pass costs about $54

But then someone made a stink about the way it was announced and the statements were revised to state that expats would also be included in the free public transport deal. Honestly, I don't think the proposal was meant to exclude expats. I think they were thinking more along the lines of visitors vs residents and it sounded easier being stated this way. This proposal was a pre-election promise and (read between the lines here) such promises have to be tailored to appeal to the eligible voters on the island, i.e. Bermudians. There's no such thing as being clear cut and concise in the political world anywhere, is there?

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bermudabluez said...

In related news, did you hear about Angie Jolie stepping out in a dress that more than confirms her pregnancy...and that apparently this is going to be the first time she & Jen Aniston are going to be face to fact at the Oscars...? It should make for an interesting event. In answer to the quoted comment above you left on my blog.....I did NOT see Angelina or Jen Aniston at the Oscars....I watched the whole Red Carpet and checked out all the slideshows after and ... Nothing...NADA...don't know what happened?? Too much pressure perhaps?? I enjoyed the show though, although I really thought that Juno was better than Country for Old Men! And I agree with you that the Bermudians should get the free travel...working three jobs is WAY too much for anybody...especially just to make ends meet! And buy food!!