Monday, December 10, 2007

a hot winter day - part 1

Winter has set in early this year in many parts of the world and Bermuda is no exception. But for the first time in a month, yesterday was an exceptionally hot day making me regret layering up while I was out. And what a day it was. Perfect for getting out and spending it by the water, feeding the fish.

Bermuda's fish will eat anything. I've seen people use dough and even fried chicken as bait. But feeding the fish is always a soothing and stress relieving experience, not to mention fun for the kids. So, if you've got left over rice or bread, don't chuck it away! Save it for the fish. And since I had some leftover rice stored in the freezer (especially for this purpose) a trip to the Flatts Inlet (which is also home to the Bermuda Aquarium) was in good order. The hot sun was just the beginning of one of my favourites ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. Feeding the fish was the other. I managed to take a little VIDEO (which of course does not do the actual viewing any justice, but nevertheless). This one features the most common fish that are always lurking by the docks: Sargeant Majors (the stripped ones), Spotfin Butterfly fish, Snappers and Breams. A Cowfish also managed to make its presence, but I did not move fast enough, what with the camera in one hand, the food in the other & me being partially distracted while chatting with some tourists.

As I made my way onto the outdoor Turtle exhibit, I was disappointed to see the tank water level reduced significantly, leaving me with no chance whatsoever of touching the turtles. But I did manage to capture some excitement courtesy of a couple of local kids practically ready to dive in and swim with the turtles. Stay tuned for more....

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