Tuesday, October 16, 2007

what not to wear

A comment from a visitor on my previous post prompted me to post this.

While the beaches here are beautiful & evoke a sense of relaxation & a lax attitude, the rules governing beachwear etiquette are not. Swim suits are not to be worn anywhere else but on the beach. You certainly cannot walk around town or dine at a restaurant in your swimwear attire & that means no bikini tops, no matter how hot it is. Flip flops & shorts (at most restaurants) do not make up for appropriate attire either. This is not Mexico! And unlike Mexico, there are absolutely NO nude or semi-nude beaches here in Bermuda. This island promotes a family friendly atmosphere & we all know how nude beaches violate that milieu.

Lets face it, if you have kids would you not want to have control of what body parts he/she views & at what age. This largely depends on where you're from. Some argue that the Europeans are not as obsessed with nudity it's because their children are exposed to it early on prompting a casual 'been there seen that'
attitude. The Europeans do say that the Americans are obsessed with nudity for the mere fact that everything is guarded & censored from a very young age. It's very hard to make that change now in North America. Unless it starts with the next generation & for them to establish it as the norm. In the meantime, it's each to his own. In any case, if you're expecting a free form sort of vacation at a Bermuda beach, think again. There's always Mexico!


CW said...

Hi- thanks for stopping by my space. I enjoy reading your commentary of life in Bermuda- it makes for interesting (and sometimes enviable ;-) reading.
Ah well..guess the beach sparkles more on the other side!

Orchid said...

hello and thanks for stopping by my space....i see you are chronicle-ing your life in Bermuda, interesting. Will stop by for more

little indian said...

I apologise for writing out of context here.

I backtracked here from your comments on my site. I am surprised to find myself on your blogroll. I wasn't aware you read my blogs, and perhaps after the exchange of recent comments, :) you may change your mind.

If not please let me know, i would like to reciprocate with including your bloglink in mine.