Friday, October 05, 2007

the rain gods

It's been one of those weeks in Bermuda where it's rained everyday. It feels more like the month of Feb or March. While we have seen & felt the sun on & off during the week, the rain has, perhaps been a bit too much for us. The Bermuda Music Festival is on right now with many many international artists gracing the island & the rain does not make for a very good backdrop while the crowds gather to hear their favourites belt it out. Today is pretty much the first day of rain relief that we've had all week. But we here know that we're on dangerous ground when we complain about too much rain. Too much rain? What's the matter with you, many reading this will demand to know. For the love of...don't anger the rain gods. They may just hear us & decided to take a month off or maybe more which will not be very becoming for our water supply.

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