Tuesday, October 09, 2007

he wears short shorts

Even if you have no idea where it is, Bermuda is synonymous with two things. A song & a pair of shorts!

The song:
Kokomo by the Beach Boys, the song that made Bermuda famous. I know that's where I first heard of Bermuda. I remember singing away to this when I was a kid. Little did I know I'd be living here someday. It's funny where life takes you.
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama....
(That's the Muppets version, which I think is cute. I don't care how old I am, Kermit always puts a smile on my face. Enjoy!)

Ok, now to the shorts:
Bermuda shorts keep cropping up every so often. They were around when I was a kid & they've recently made a comeback in the fashion world. In North America they're more popular with the women, but here in Bermuda, the shorts are more popular & practical summer wear with the men. It's also the official attire for men & more than acceptable for work wear. The shorts are accompanied with a blazer, tie & knee high socks, in addition to the shirt & shoes. While it does look quite smart, I cannot get used to the knee high socks on men, not with shorts. And while the shorts do come in a variety of colours, nothing looks quite as sharp on a man who's donned pale pink shorts with a navy blue blazer. Sharp! And I have to say many many men here throw caution to the wind & don on pink shorts. Pink shirts are also quite popular here, but not together with the pink shorts. How silly would that look? I know this for sure, a man who wears pink is definitely comfortable with his image & his sexuality. Maybe we're past the days when men thought it girly to wear anything pink.


indicaspecies said...

Interesting post on the Bermuda shorts. The YouTube videoo is indeed cute. :)

You are so right in stating "we're past the days when men thought it girly to wear anything pink."

It's now the days when men don't mind burping babies, changing diapers or staying home to cook, while the woman works. It's time to accept and understand the change to gender neutral clothing. Gender equality is the norm. How should colour matter?

probe said...

Bermuda is also synonymous with a certain mysterious triangle isn't it, apart from it's fahsion contribution to the world.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Indicaspecies: It's so true, colour should NOT matter. Lucky for us it's the Metrosexual era, where men are dabbling into all kinds of colour choices.

Probe: Yes, you're right! The triangle (which I have also blogged about) is also a part of it, however, my first Bermuda association were the shorts & the song. The Triangle came later when I was older & was interested in documentaries.

Slowhand said...

I'm with Probe. The Triangle is the one most people will ask about, usually with stupid questions. The best one I like to answer is "won't you get lost when you go swimming?" to which I am quick to tell them that we usually only go swimming if we can tie a long rope around our ankle and then the other end around the closest tree.

That Hideous Man said...

The Bermuda Triangle has also been cursed with being celebrated in song hasn't it......?