Thursday, October 25, 2007

40 minutes or it's free...

Years ago before, when we first started dating, Hubby had this friend who would constantly hound him. She was crushing on him big time, but he didn't reciprocate. No chemistry, he said. Still she persisted. So, to get her off his back he finally gave her his phone number when she asked him again for the millionth time. He told her it was Nine Six Seven - Eleven Eleven! Now Torontonians, you SHOULD recognize this number & by now have the jingle in your head! It was the number of Ontario's #1 Pizza Restaurant. And like a fool she called & actually told him the next day that Pizza Pizza picked up! True story! Ha I never did like her. Anyway, we're now moving onto pizza.

Remember when you were back home, before you moved to Bermuda, & you'd order a pizza & get it delivered to your home? Remember the ease & convenience. Not to mention the delivery cost that was next to nothing & that if it wasn't at your home in 40 minutes, it was free! Remember that?

Well, then you land on this island & on one night decide to order in a pizza or two. Let's stick with one for now. Hey, the price point is decent, considering it's Bermuda. Then you're given the option for pick up or delivery. Ah, what the heck you say, let's get it delivered. There's no way I'm going to manage that pizza on the scooter. Delivery it is.

Forty minutes later the doorbell rings with your much awaited smell good pizza. You're given the bill & as your reach for your wallet, your eyes land on the amount due. Your eyes then manage to not pop out of your head completely because you can't believe the price. It's fifty frigging bucks! Yeah $50.00 for a pizza. That's right, ONE pizza. They didn't accidentally bill you for two or three, just one! Know what pushed it way over the edge? That's right, the delivery! (Remember folks, everything in Bermuda that involves labour is going to cost you a mighty penny, or in this case, 500 pennies). Damn this to hell, you mutter & reluctantly hand over more cash than you anticipated parting with. This better be one good pizza! Why the hell didn't the delivery guy take longer than 40 minutes & why don't they have that '40 minutes or it's free' offer here? This is where it would be very much welcomed. You can bet you're never going to get a pizza home delivered again. You'll have no problem going down there & getting it yourself all the while performing a balancing act on the scooter, but you'll never ever order in again!

This didn't really happen to us, thankfully we were forewarned when we got here. And so now I'm passing it on. Consider yourself warned!

On another note, the pizzas here are really good. Try Upper Crust & Speciality Inn (Yes that's how it's spelled!).


Slowhand said...

'Count your many blessings'
It used to be that pizza was only available for take out from a restaurant in town.... and was expensive.... and small too. Pizza House came about with a few locations, but no delivery.... then Marico Thomas started 4 Star (Upper Crust) with free delivery only to certain areas. Now there are not too many places they won't deliver to. He has had a lot of challenges of late getting staff, with few locals applying, he has the convoluted immigration policies to deal with. It seems that part of what has caused them to start charging for delivery is the fact that imported workers are NOT allowed to run deliveries, and another is due to the rash of 'hold ups' on the delivery people.
No doubt Marico could go on and on about the other issues, as can other local restaurateurs like Delvin Bean.
I like Pizza House pizza and I pick it up... the pricing is fair I think.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

THANKS for that history lesson. Much appreciated! I was aware of the problems that Marico was having with imported workers not allowed to make deliveries but didn't really want to mention it. I am trying to stay away for anything political (though I so want to comment!) :o)

ZenDenizen said...

Blasphemy, there's no good pizza to be had outside of New York/New Jersey :)

Whatever became of the friend?

bermudabluez said...

Thanks for the info!! Next time I am in Bermuda, I will NOT have a pizza delivered!

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Zen: I guess she backed off once she knew I was there to stay & then they lost touch after graduation.

BdaBluez: Holler at me the next time you're here!