Friday, August 31, 2007

slippery when wet

I love watching the rain pelting down ferocious & unrelenting, wiping the dust & debris off the roads, sliding down the limestone roofs, making its way through the grooves to collect in underground tanks. A good pelting is what we need every so often. There's nothing more satisfying to Bermuda's residents than the sound of 'tank rain'. We are mollified knowing that the water trucks need not be called, because our tanks are not about to go empty anytime soon.

But what's unfortunate is the wail of ambulance or police sirens that most assuredly follows in the aftermath of the rainfall. Someone wasn't being cautious on the road. Be it a car or a scooter, maintaining the same above the limit speed while it's raining is neither practical nor sensible. The slippery effect on the roads here is only further enhanced by the 'race track' turns & the many dips that Bermuda's roads are made of. If only everyone would slow down when it's raining. And I mean EVERYONE!

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