Tuesday, July 10, 2007

one choice less

When you're away from home, food is perhaps what tops the list of things that you miss, other than family of course. It is for this reason that it's incredibly comforting & welcoming to see familiar brands at the local grocery store abroad. For us, like many other Canadian expats here in Bermuda, President's Choice (PC) is just that brand. It's one of those tasteful gourmet brands that everyone loves to dabble in. It's also a big hit with the locals. Well, Bermuda residents, enjoy it while you can, because PC will no longer be imported into Bermuda. What you currently see on the shelves or in the freezer are items that either came in during their last shipment or those that were back ordered. Once the stock's depleted, replenishments won't be on the next cargo ship. The reason - apparently PC would like to focus more on it's very own Canadian market & so have chosen to cut their product exports to Bermuda. Or so I was told while enquiring about their quiches. So, this is going to one more Canadian thing I'm going to miss. Time to stock up, EH?


richard said...

Not all the brands produce the exact same product to foreign markets. Case in point, it as been my observation that the European Snickers is superior in every conceivable way that its lesser cousin the American Snicker, that we get here in Bermuda. The European snicker has thicker, milkier chocolate and the caramel is soft and creamer. Over all, a much finer snack. Pity the Bermudians for they shall never know any better.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

I absolutely agree with you there. European chocolate is far more superiour than their American counterparts. I was lucky enough that the European versions were imported into Dubai & it still is. Look around the grocery store Richard, because some European brands of chocolate (KitKat & Smarties) are available in Bermuda. Not the European Snickers though, I've looked & found none. But I do know what it tastes like, even if I can barely remember it.

Ian said...

Thanks for the informative post!