Tuesday, May 22, 2007

you can call me onion !

Bermuda at one point used to known as the 'Onion Patch'. This was many many years ago. In 1660, Bermuda got her first onion seeds from England & with its ideal soil & climate conditions, production of the sweet tasting onions began. They were also exported primarily & heavily to the US. The onions were so popular that Bermudians also began to be known as 'Onions'.

The trade did not last for long, however. Texas managed to re-create these ideal growing conditions & with its large mass of land was able to surpass Bermuda's onion production, eventually putting the onion export market out of business.

But the name has stuck around. So, when you come across a plethora of souvenirs featuring onions & are wondering why onions, now you know.

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Racquel said...

I want to to be an Onion too! =D thanks for the info!