Wednesday, May 30, 2007

island breeze

The cool island breeze whips through the curtains hanging in the window to traverse further into the room to meet the breeze blowing in by the open sliding doors adjacent to the window. I love that cross breeze ventilation, don't you? That's the beauty of an island breeze - keeps the humidity down. Of course, it helps when your place is higher up on a hill. Much to many of our guests' surprise, Air Cons are not required.

Although, we do suffer as the seasons change & what is ordinarily bliss during the summer turns into a miss in the winter, when our place is cooler & more damp than the norm. Heaters are definitely required.

But winter is a long way off & the appropriate attire has been tucked away to make room for summer's necessities. Besides the summer shorts, out come the beachwear, snorkel masks & beach mats. Now all we need is a summer song & maybe a hammock for the patio!

1 comment:

racquel said...

Anyone would enjoy a cool island breeze - including me who likes to see places and experience another way of life. Maybe I'd bring my own hammock when I visit :)