Wednesday, May 09, 2007

all roads lead to three

Can you really get lost in Bermuda? It's only 22 square miles & all roads lead to one of three. There's the North, Middle & South Road and no matter where you are you can pretty much bank on finding your way back to one these three, depending on where on the island you are. The names of all three road are self explanatory.

North and South Roads will yield you fantastic views of the water.
Most of the north side of the island is rocky with perhaps a couple of exceptions. But the view is beautiful nonetheless. Beaches are existent on the south side of the island and this is the route you want to take if you've got visitors and want to show off Bermuda's beauty or if you yourself just want a welcoming sight for sore eyes. These views will render you speechless, either that or you'll be ooing and aahing through the ride. Don't forget to make those pit stops! South Road is also at a much higher altitude than the beaches are which makes the views even more spectacular. Pictures taken at this angle on a sunny day makes for lovely unbeatable photographic memories. But no photograph, regardless of the kind of camera used, does the water and its colours any justice. It's just something you have to see for yourself.

And finally, as promised, a slideshow of Bermuda's Beautiful Blues.


Anonymous said...

wow, you are right,if its even nicer than the pictures it is breathtaking. thanks for sharing. sh

Rcon Pascua said...

thanks for sharing your spectacular photos. I viewed the slideshow.. really amazing. :)

Tigerbutt said...

The pictures are gorgeous! Makes me wish I could visit Bermuda. Hopefully I'll get that chance when my kids are older.

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

I am glad you are all enjoying the slideshow.

TigerButt: You are welcome anytime. I'll show you around lady!

Renwick said...

very nice pics... wondering if we'll ever c such clean beaches in India!! must say u're an absolute photographer.. to think u've clicked them is making me wonder how many cliffs u may have climbed to click some of those..

Nithi said...

hey, your island looks a lot like Grenada!! nice pics!