Tuesday, April 17, 2007

how many people does it take to change to a CFL bulb?

We're all witnessing the havoc Mother Nature is unleashing the world over, thanks to global warming. It's a warning that cannot be ignored. There's one thing WE all can do to lower greenhouse gases. I've written about it before & all it entails is taking a trip to your local hardware store. If you haven't yet changed that incandescent bulb & made the switch to the a CFL spiral bulb, now is the time. It's time to get involved & do you part to reduce greenhouse gases. Don't be discouraged by CFL's. They're great! We've been using them for years & would never go back to incandescents. Here are some reasons why making the switch will make a difference & leave you feeling happy:

CFL's are a huge money saver compared to the standard incandescents. They last longer too!

If every household were to change to just one CFL bulb, we could lower the equivalent emissions that are produced by millions of cars. That's a lot of reduction!

CFL's are now also made to produce soft ambient lighting, just like an incandescent bulb. Just look at the different varieties before picking one.

If you think a CFL is not as bright as an incandescent, get one that generates the incandescent equivalent of 60 watts. It's bright enough! Trust me. Any brighter and you'd be wearing your sunglasses at home.

When switched on, a CFL takes about a minute to warm up to reach it's brightest potential, so please have a little patience.

Don't dispose off your CFL's in the trash due to the presence of mercury in these bulbs which makes it work! Please take them to your hardware store to be recycled.

To my Bermudian residents: if you haven't indulged yourself in a CFL yet, please do get some on your next trip to the US or Canada, or just look for the gentleman selling them at the corner of Reid & Burnaby.

To my Indian residents: Check out this dude featured on the Project Porchlight site! Since you guys already use fluorescent lighting this post may not really apply. But I did get to see family in Dubai making the switch, which is pretty darn neat.

Please check out these links & get informed & involved. Time's running out!
CFL on Wikipedia
Canada's Project Porchlight
America's One Billion Bulbs

Thank You !


educatedunemployed said...

Thanks for this post and all the information.We are indeed subconsciously harming our very environment.Like you said, just one step at a time we can get there.

Suzy said...

Hi! - Great post, it's wonderful to hear about people all over making the change! The photo that you have from the Porchlight site is actually from right here in Ottawa, Canada, at a celebration for the Hindu Festival of Lights.
cheers! Suzy

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Thanks Ladies.

Hey EU: DO they sell CFL's in India? ALthough most use fluorescent lighting at home anyway, probably doesn't matter.

Suzy: Wishful thinking I guess - I was hoping that was taken in India despite knowing Project Porchlight is local to Canada at the moment.

terence said...

use fluorescent lighting at home

~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Thats what the CFL bulb is all about my friend but with MOOD lighting...