Saturday, March 31, 2007

when the clock strikes 1

Toronto. Girls night out. In desperate need of gas. And so, while at the gas pump in the wee hours of Saturday morning, Kate couldn't figure out why the heck I was laughing while filling up. Until I redirected her attention to the pump where I guess someone was inclined to want to make a few corrections to the pie chart no doubt commissioned by the government. I couldn't resist not taking a picture.

And as soon as the tank was filled, a truck pulls up for its nightly routine. That's a public worker sanitizing the garbage/recycling cans. I can tell you I feel a whole lot better knowing this takes place every night all over the city. The things that take place on Toronto streets when no one's watching!

I have to say, this camera phone, courtesy of Hubby, sure is coming in handy.

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