Monday, March 19, 2007

so, who really won?

Cricket update! Bermuda lost against India today. Apparently, India scored 431 runs & set a record of the most runs scored in a match. Ok, we all knew who was going to win this match. Even the local kids down the street were with me on this one! But, had India lost against Bermuda, I would not have been able to show my face around here. Not because India's better & Bermuda's not (we are still talking about cricket teams). It's because Bermuda is a relative newcomer to the international cricket scene as a team. India's team has far more experience under its belt, having played at many many cup matches, so losing to Bermuda would have NOT been an option & oh! so shameful.

But the one thing, I noticed about Bermuda is even though their team lost the match, the local news made it a point to highlight all the positives about Bermuda's play in the match today. And highlight it did, for a good few minutes & with such gusto. Watching the news, you would have thought Bermuda actually won the match. For a split second there it even threw me off, left me scratching my head & wondering: I thought Bermuda lost?!? Yet, isn't that such an admirable thing to see - that your country cares not if you win or lose but how you play the game!


Elisa (Italia) said...

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Manjari said...

Hi Ms Cute Pants,

This is the first time I am coming to your blog and what made me click on this respective post was its ethnicity related to India. Being an Indian, i could resist myself to read this bit of your blog. Dear friend as you said that it was ver much expected India to win the match but lemme tell u India surprises most often.

So any match with Indian team in it is nail biting. Watch more on matches on India and you would understand what I mean.

coquilles ;) said...

That's the nicest thing about a country that doesn worship the sport. Coming from India, where cricket is a clear winner for the most followed religion, the sport is no longer just a game and that's the sad part. What was meant to be a recreational sport, is everything but that. The media and the attitude of the people towards the sport is responsible to a great extent.. The players of the game are worshipped and they control the emotions of people in a manner that surpasses all imagination...(not to forget the money they make..When Pathan entered the game he was making more than Ponting!!!) Why else would the cricketer's houses be destroyed and effigies of players burnt just when a game is lost.. Wasn't it all about participation.. And wasn't it supposed to be a game where one wins and the other (by default) has to lose..Wonder when (and definitely why) it stopped being just a game and who really loses..the game, the team or the people...

coquilles :) said...

And India scored 413, I think and created the world record for the highest score in a world cup and the largest victory margin...
Doesn't matter anymore though, they're out of the world cup unless Bermuda defeats Bangladesh (which seems unlikely)
But India, will definitely be cheering for Bermuda this time around when it plays Bangladesh :)