Monday, February 19, 2007

shiver me timbers

We had yet another day of gale force winds & this one was unexpected. What is with this weather? Somehow, I don't remember it being like this last winter. I tell you, I practically got blown away walking around town today. It's probably the first time I've worn a toque in Bermuda too! But it's essential. Not only does it keep you warm, but prevents the mussing up of hair. I think the ladies can empathize with me on this one! Male or female, this kind of wind can whip your hair in so many different directions at once, that it could only leave you with a headache. People all around town were donning their toque's too, that & a cringing look plastered on their faces. You would think offices would have pity & let people go home or stay home in the first place.

Everyone's complaining that it's too cold. Well, mostly the local folk & rightly so. Of course, it's too cold for them. I dare'nt complain, I told them. All I have to do is think about my folks back in Toronto & how it's still way below zero over there. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to get through 10 Toronto winters. Oh yes, the locals nod. You don't want to be in Toronto. Course not I say, that's why you won't catch me complaining about the temperature.
The only excuse I can make to family back home is: It's damp & so, it's a different kind of cold. But somehow they don't care to hear about it. It's not as cold as Toronto, is their retort. Well, what else can I say?

It doesn't take too long to get acclimatized to Bermuda's damp wintry weather. If you're thinking of leaving your winter gear behind, think again. We learned our lesson the hard way. No one told us to bring winter gear. You will need gloves, a scarf & a good waterproof windbreaker, especially if you're on a scooter. Oh! shiver me timbers. Don't laugh all you car owners. We still beat traffic & pass you by, all while staying toasty warm in our multitude of layers.


richard o said...

Tell me about it.
I set off riding my bike from St George’s to work in Hamilton. When I got to the exposed road running along the airport, the gusts were so strong they pushed my bike clean of the road. It must have been those hurricane force gusts the weather people were warning about. The second time this happened the bike stalled and I was left stranded next to the road. This was the first time I look around me; previously I’d been too busy wrestling to keep control of the bike. It was like a scene from hell, the road was littered with debry, salt water was s been thrown 3m high and flooding on to the road, and all of this covered by a moving torrent of horizontal rain. It was at this point I thought "stuff this for a game of tin soldiers”, turned the bike around and got the warm and cosy bus to work.

Ms. Cute Pants said...

Yes, Richard. The bus would definitely be a safer bet. Watch out for today though. The Causeway is going to be under some rough water siege. Stay safe.