Thursday, February 01, 2007

adios amigo

SharkBoy is leaving the island on the weekend. But I'm sure he'll be back - he sort of grew up here some so he's always got a home to come vacation at. We met up yesterday to bid our temporary adieus & he regaled us with more of his shark stories during dinner. Every time we meet him, he's got more shark catches under his belt to brag about. Now for the most part Bermuda does not see sharks in its waters. While Nurse sharks are common in Bermuda's waters they are not carnivorous - so nothing to worry about there. But one of his most recent catches was a Caribbean reef shark, the kind that feasts on meat. Big problem there.

First of all I was told that sharks don't enter Bermuda shores on account of the reefs surrounding the island. And I was feeling pretty good about going in the water. But then a few months later when SharkBoy caught his first shark, I'm told they manage to sneak in over the reefs when the tide is high. But no worries, they're only here to breed during the full moon & normally go back to where they came from. Still feeling pretty good. Until yesterday's Caribbean catch.
And there's only one place he goes where he knows they'll be just around the rocks from John Smith's Beach. A beach that we frequent due to its close proximity to our home & because it's not as crowded like the ever popular Horseshoe Bay. It's a good thing I'm wary when I'm in the water at John Smith's or I'd have likely made my way around the rocks to where the sharks may or may not be. I am not about to take that chance.

Anyway, I'm sure SharkBoy is going to miss his quota of shark catches, what with all the excitement that follows. Fighting the shark for at least half hour at a time during the reeling in, the sore muscles, losing a swanky cell phone in the process. All good stuff. There are no sharks where he's going & besides the climate is too cold to warrant any shark sightings.

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