Friday, January 12, 2007

minus what ?

The negative notation that precedes numbers when it comes to weather talk is a somewhat a distant memory, now that we've been in Bermuda for a while. But not forgotten. Once you've experienced how -xo C feel like on your face, you're hardly going to forget it. Hubby told me it's about -35o C in Winnipeg, Canada & even though I'm not from Winnipeg, I feel for its population. The temperature in Toronto has been dipping below 0 for the past few days & while it looked like the normal winter weather was on hiatus, it's back in full swing now. Winter is back in Canada & for the rest of the world.

So, here's where the good about Bermuda reigns in. As in the good moderate sub tropical climate. The weather norm for Bermuda in January is a cool 17
o C at night with the daytime high of about 22o C. While Bermuda ordinarily receives a good share of rain & is sometimes pelted with hail in the winter months, this has yet to pass. No complaints, however.

For those of you wanting & planning to visit Bermuda, I recommend that the summer months are the best. Anytime from May to October is what will mostly guarantee you a good time because the hot weather creates an ideal vista for you to hit the beach & indulge in various other weather dependent activities. Basically, if you're going to shell out $x,xx.xx you may as well maximize every aspect of what Bermuda has to offer.

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