Thursday, January 04, 2007

i want candy

There is a huge difference between North American & English chocolate. Chocolate made in England is oh so decadent and full of rich cocoa giving it a wonderful true rich taste. North American chocolate, not so much. Read the label on a bar made in North America & you instantly notice the artificial ingredients. Bite into one & you will taste the difference compared to English chocolate, that is if your taste buds have ever been exposed to one.

Growing up in Dubai, we always had English imported chocolate to satisfy our cravings. Nothing fancy just your average KitKat, Snickers, MilkyWay, Kinder Surprise et al. After moving to Canada, it didn't take long for me to forget about the wonderful taste of English chocolate until (10 years later) someone brought some over from England. All it was was a KitKat bar but one bite brought back a slew of long forgotten memories to the forefront causing an awakening of my taste buds to what good chocolate used to taste like in the wonder years.

I didn't really expect much with regards to chocolate in Bermuda. I figured the market would be flooded with American products like a lot of items on the island. Until I spotted the English KitKat & boy was I excited. You can always tell the English chocolate apart from the North American chocolate by just looking at the wrapper. Since English chocolate is exported to many foreign countries, it accounts for its ingredients in different languages. Arabic is one of them & it's the easiest to spot among the various similar scripted languages.

So if you're in Bermuda & are debating on what kind of chocolate to take back to your friends,
'Get the one with the Arabic writing'! It's what I tell my friends here when we're out on our three pm chocolate break/sugar binge & let me tell you, one bite & they're very thankful. Makes you wonder though, would America ever import English chocolate, Arabic writing & all? I wonder if it would bode well with the public in this age of post 9/11

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