Monday, January 01, 2007

be happy, be safe

The dawn of the New Year always embodies a renewed sense of hope, a chance to better yourself, a fresh clean slate. Among various resolutions most also hope for peace whether in their homes, their neighbourhoods or in their cities. For Toronto, that may transcend to a new year with lesser crime, while Bermuda's wish for it's streets is one with fewer road fatalities.

This is an ongoing concern for Bermuda as most road fatalities involve scooter riders & speeding. Some blame the roads & the infrastructure, but if people were to slow down I doubt we'd see as many fatalities. The speed limit of 35kms is often a forgotten rule for bike riders as they indulge in their joy rides. Often it's Bermuda's youth that get caught up in the power game & some result in dire consequences leaving behind distraught family & friends. Some ex-pats tend not to adhere to the speeding limit, especially since many if not all are new to the scooter world. Maybe this year we can all slow down. Here's w
ishing everyone a Happy & Safe New Year.

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