Tuesday, December 12, 2006

make it a movie night

We both really do miss the Cineplex's of Toronto - big surround sound, big picture & the comfy swing back adjustable arm rest chairs. It's not amusing when you're used to that level of theatre experience & have to then downgrade to a smaller theatre with the exact opposite of what Toronto offers.

You know where I'm going with this - Bermuda's theatres are a bit on the smaller side. There are about 5 of them & the movies that would ordinarily be released at any one theatre in Toronto are here a week later & are assigned at the ratio of one new release per theatre. And they're only here to stay for the week & a weekend. Two, if you're lucky. Rotation is rare, so if you miss it then your best hope is to catch it on DVD.

One of the theatres in town is known as The Little Theatre, because it's just that - little. The Liberty Theatre, also in town, fares a little better on the size scale - but a rather odd but bearable smell accompanies it. Our favourite is the theatre at Dockyard on the west end of the island. While it's similar in size to Liberty, it just fares better in terms of cleanliness, ambiance & has an old world feel to it. I love the combination of the pale cream walls & dark wood & the feeling it evokes. But we still prefer watching movies on the big screen. No comparison there.

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