Thursday, December 07, 2006

leo leo di caprio

I just wanted to give a shout out to my cousin Leo in India. He's been doing some reading, which surprised me because I didn't think he'd take the time from his busy schedule of girl chasing & college studying to read anything I had penned. But I am pleased & impressed with his diligence. So I promised I'd write about him to make him look good, especially to the ladies.

I first met Leo on the day he was born, 18 years ago in Mangalore - India, but somehow I don't think he remembers that. I didn't see him again until last year & boy has he grown. We've been keeping in touch through the wonderful world of MSN for the last few years. He loves to give me a hard time by calling me silly names but really who's he kidding? He's got nothing on me. He told me that if I'd ever visit him, he'd put me to work & have me cooking for him. But he did a complete 180 from his idle threats when we showed up at his door last December. H
ere I was all ready for the match, gloves on, raring to go but the surprise was on me. He was quite the perfect host - his mom was proud, although I'm sure she would have set him straight if he started ordering me around.

Leo has the features of a younger Leonardo di Caprio - hence his blog name. He loves that name & puffs up with pride when I address him so. His sister, however, seems to disagree & says I need to get my eyes checked. What do you think about that, Leo? You think she's right? I await your answer.

To my family: if you haven't already guessed who Leo is, email me & I'll spill the beans.

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