Friday, December 01, 2006

bird of paradise

You may have seen this flower before even if you haven't lived on a tropical island. It's a popular choice for florists to incorporate them in their bouquets. Named as one of the most exotic flowers there is, the Bird of Paradise originated in South Africa & further evolved in Madagascar. Meant to thrive in a tropical climate, it is indeed a plant that rewards only the most diligent & patient gardener. When grown from seed, germination takes about a year & the plant only blooms after about three to five years.

The Bird of Paradise makes a unique statement in a bouquet. I'd see them in Toronto ever so often & you'd instantly know that it would be one pricey bouquet if you saw one of these sticking through. I thought I'd try my hand at growing one of these at home many years ago but once I read the instructions, I was discouraged.

Here in Bermuda this plant grows with such abundance & profusion with it's vivid colours majestically revealed. Cut flowers will apparently last for weeks with a once a week water change. Definitely makes it very tempting to go out nab me just one stalk to pretty up the place.

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