Wednesday, September 13, 2006

neighbourhood kids

We live in a neighbourhood where the grassy cul-de-sac becomes a playground for the kids in the area. There are the two local boys in the house on our right, who love playing football. Hubby & SharkBoy have christened the oldest one Pelé - because like the football player, he's quite good & also because they can't seem to remember his name. For that matter neither can I.

Also, just down the road from us are a couple of young local girls & not too far from them, a boy who was one day caught casually destroying foliage around Ms.StopYourNoise's property. He did a lot of damage & needless to say, he is now banned from coming anywhere near the house! Opposite them are two Indian kids who have been in Bermuda for a while. The boy is about six & is cute as can be. Their dad works at one of cafes that Hubby & I sometimes lunch at - a connection we only came across recently. Yeah I know, small island.

These kids are ever ready to entertain & be entertained. They would rather watch Hubby & SharkBoy work out. I was once helping Hubby with his kickboxing & had on these huge boxing padded gloves. As I looked down I could see the kids up to no good & clapped the gloves together & yelled - 'Hey come on'. They took that as an invitation to come up to our yard and there they were lining up so they could try some boxing moves of their own. Sometimes we give 'em candy - Werthers to be precise. Reminds me of when I was a kid where someone's mom or the other would always be handing some kind of sweet thing at playtime. We were a lot of kids back then!

We have been keeping in touch with the kids, ThePoser & Smoochie in Georgia & talk to them often. Today is ThePoser's b’day. HAPPY B'DAY KIDDO! He also shares this day with my co-worker, a cousin & a friend in Aussie & another friend in T. That's a lot of birthday e-cards to send out for one day!

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