Saturday, September 23, 2006

the L word

One thing we have had to get used to in Bermuda is driving on the left hand side of the road. Well, I don't drive the scooter but Hubby does. I refuse to drive one here. Especially when I see the crazy drivers on the roads. Or maybe it's because every female Cdn expat I know that has driven a scooter has met with an accident & some with serious injuries. So I refuse to become a part of those statistics.

Driving cars is no fun either but you're better in one as opposed to a scooter. As I've mentioned before, most roads here are a lane each. Friends tell me the one thing that they have had to get used to is driving closer to the yellow line that divides the direction of traffic. With both sides of traffic having doing the same it's no party.

Bermuda does have a lot of curvy roads & even though the speed limit is 35kms it can be a little daunting when looks like your side mirror is going to tag the side mirror from oncoming traffic. People really can't stick to their own side of the lane because on the other side of their respective yellow line are these Bermuda stone walls. More often than not its foliage or palm trees. Hibiscus flowers or stonewalls line the roads at every turn, every corner and every path. So if you're driving too close to your side you can bet your car going to have a lot of scratches. Those rocky stonewalls can inflict a lot of damage.

Often we see some cars or trucks ahead of us with a sign posted on their bumper with a big red L. I'd think: Oh how nice that they're reminding us to stay on the left side of the road. Or so I thought for the longest time. Months later a friend mentioned that he spent an afternoon helping his fiancé’s grandma do up the L signs, all precise with a ruler. I laughed & said: Oh so you're one of those, having to remind us to stick to the left side. He looked at me with a blank expression then burst out laughing saying: it's more to warn people that the L is to indicate that they're a 'Learner'. Ha! He sure did burst my bubble!

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