Thursday, May 11, 2006

we start off with the other side

No matter how much ex-pats moan and complain about their jobs in Bermuda and about Bermuda itself, they still love it here. We can leave anytime but hey we're still here. Oh, we always think the grass is greener on the other side, always find something to complain about. Human nature I guess. Or wait, is that what being a Canadian is all about?

This is only true when the talk turns to the weather in Canada.
it's either too cold in the winter or too humid in the summer. What's with every weather channel and the humidex. 'It's 25 deg C today but feels like 35 with the humidex'. I understand how the whole 'but feels like' concept applies to the wind chill in the winter, but in the summer...come on....I grew up both in a tropical country and a desert. We had never, not once made a big deal about the humidex and what it was feels like. Imagine what an actual 45 deg C would have really felt like with the humidex. And for those that say there's not much humidity compared to Toronto, oh there is - (my friend Kate seems to think that the weather would not be accurately portrayed if it were not for the humidex mention). Trust me, I know what it's like...and it was not fun.

TGIF whoo hoo here comes the weekend...which will only make way for another hellish work week, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Did I mention how much we love our jobs, the weather and the really...we do, well at least the latter 2 anyway.

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