Thursday, May 18, 2006

it's not a snowstorm, but...

Oh, what a morning! We had a crazy downpour and Mother Nature sure knows how to time it just right, in-sync with the morning rush hour and Murphy’s Law.

What rush hour, you ask? So try to imagine this, all roads in Bermuda are just one lane each way, with small or NO sidewalks. So when there's heavy morning traffic and the sirens are wailing in the distance where do the cars go to make way for the siren equipped vehicles. We don't know. We’ve never stuck around to find out. One of the few kicks we get from having a scooter. While all those car drivers experience traffic jams and see line of never ending cars, we get to pass 'em all to the front of the line. Quite a satisfying feeling.

Except when it's raining cats and dogs. Case in point - this morning. So here we are making our way through in our waterproof rain pants in the pouring rain with the gale force winds whipping at our backs (good thing we got visors for our helmets too). Did I mention that Bermuda's roads are a series of slopes and hills and dips? (great for walking workouts). But the dips are not so much fun when there's a downpour. We had to turn back as there was no way our scooter was making it through the south shore river. After deciding to wait for the bus that never showed up we decided to take the high road. It’s called middle road, at a higher altitude with no chance of flooding. Needless to say, we made it in, albeit a bit late but now have a plan for when the next downpour decides to make its presence and stay. For now the sun is shinning, the humidity is up and we are certainly feeling the heat. I just hope it lasts for the drive home.

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